Best Refrigerator in India in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

best refrigerator in India

Looking for the best refrigerator in India in 2021?

we should be a bit tricky, especially with the recent revolution in its style and designs that have outdated the previous refrigerators. It really requires the right balance of practicality and fancy when you are looking for one in the market.

Some of the best companies have rebranded their products and streamlined the tasks these refrigerators excel at with exciting add-ons. Varying colours and texture of the models assuredly guarantee that the refrigerators do not out of place. Each design has its own set of flaws and the right thing to do is to verify in advance before making the purchase.

The Spacemax technology of the current models helps to use the room inside with maximum adjustability when compared to other standard refrigerator modes. Inside walls are particularly thinner that work with utmost efficiency. You can ceaselessly store the week’s food inside the spacious vegetable box as well.

The designs are perfectly in sync with modern houses and can seamlessly fit inside kitchen spaces. If you are looking to furnish your home with a sophisticated yet highly functional refrigerator, you can never go wrong with these products.

The sheer variety of convenient design options has made choosing the appropriate product quite a difficult one. Before you decide to buy one, take a look at some of the important paradigms that might help in your decision.

Users’ guide to find best refrigerator in India in 2021


Customized to suit different kitchen styles and pattern, style plays a key role to influence the buying decision. The bottom mount variety allows greater flexibility to pull out without bending over, while the French doors open at the centre and definitely takes up less space.

If you want great mobility and an appliance that saves great energy French styled doors are a great option with greater storage option. Door in door options is also quite resourceful if one is considering to store cans of junks and fast food for binge eating.

The ample storage does not get into the full shut of the door or jamming of the door that hinder its closure. Its functioning is suave with no hike in the energy bills and can save you from greenhouse emissions as well.

If you are planning to store fast foods like pizzas or anything wide boxed without encroaching maximum of the open space, French doors are a way to go. Counter-depth refrigerators are specifically made for easy storage, better accessibility to stored items, and lending the kitchen a uniform appearance.

The bottom freezers are furnished with drawers and integrated ice machines which are quite an improvement on the existing top freezer option for refrigerators. While you can depend on the interior of the kitchen to choose from a range of designs, the other influencing factors are your desired capacity and utility.

Freezerless fridges are available in plenty and can give the aura of a custom design kitchen without much effort on your part. The range of designs is available in matte-like slate, black, and grey as well as glossy colours that give the air of contemporary fashion. Some of the bestselling refrigerators assure for-

  • Frost-free technology
  • Fast cooling and freezing option available that can be tuned with manual intervention
  • Digital inverter attached to save up to 50% of energy
  • All year round cooling process
  • Built-in deodorizing powered to maintain a pleasant fragrance


If you have a large family or heavy amount of food to stuff into the refrigerator, it is advisable to buy one with a better capacity. The varying load capacity of fridges determines how much storage space it as in terms of cubic feet. You can predetermine the volume and gauge it according to your needs.


Cramped up spaces require thorough consideration before the purchase. Nowadays, the innovative products in the markets and the top freezers are all available in sleek designs that do not eat up a lot of space.

If you buy a refrigerator with convertible compartments, you can convert and use the space to store more items in emergency situations. Best way to determine is to measure up space from beforehand.

The dimension variants help for an effective choice of the best refrigerator in India in 2019. For instance, the regular dimension of a side-by-side refrigerator is-

  • Refrigerator height – 67 to 70 inches
  • Refrigerator width – 30 to 36 inches
  • Refrigerator depth – 29 to 35 inches
  • Refrigerator volume – 22.5 to 31 cubic feet


Inverter compressor equipped refrigerators to run on differing speeds that increases or slows down the cooling process. Compression nowadays features switches by which you could adjust the cooling temperatures invariably according to the items stored inside.

The configuration also maintains that the compression runs on lesser speed to save electricity bills and consume less amount of energy. Besides the dimensions, you will have plenty of options to choose from the range of door designs- single, dual, and French doors that are available in the market.

There are various compressor types set inside the contemporary model and each has its unique characteristics. Like the digital inverter, compression allows for less wear and tear, prolonged durability, and especially with a 10-year long warranty that most of the companies allow for. In sharp comparison, the efficiency of conventional compressor types is strikingly low with a larger emission of greenhouse gas.

Energy Rating

Energy efficiency is mandatory and the refrigerator maintains a consistent temperature with an “energy saver” switch attached to it. The latest designs have the best infrastructure that allows them to run on lesser energy than the older models and with higher efficiency.

The appliance promise lower electricity bills, a lesser amount of adverse impact on the environment without, of course, lessening its performance level.

According to the market analysts, mount top refrigerators provide for the best energy-efficient operating system. You comprehend the various energy abilities of the models in energy efficiency by looking up at the ratings. Ideally, a five star rated product is the best in the market.

Flexible designs to look for best refrigerator in India in 2021

Top Freezer Refrigerator-

It is considered the classic variety and has been in the mainstream for decades now. The top compartment is the freezer while the lower part is used for storing items, making for quite an affordable option for the average buyers with durable performance.

The products are available in a range of sizes and colours and have always managed to stay pertinent in the market.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator-

Extravagant and futuristic, the doors open centrally and next to each other. The models are available in slim profiles and are relatively less energy efficient when compared to its contemporaries.

Some of the designs are quite budget-friendly attached with desirable features like water dispenser and ice machine.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator-

trending and comes with an interesting array of appealing features that allow for generous storage space and freezer sections. It can be turned into an easy stockpile of foods and packaged containers thanks to its width and sections.

The main section is at eye level making it feasible to choose the items without bending or crouching over.

French Door Refrigerator- exclusively modern, this has got more than what is held as sufficient storage capacity that can be adjusted within a short space. The product is available in quite versatile designs and unique features.

Some more features you should look:

  • Child Lock– the feature makes sure to prevent unsupervised intrusion by kids that might damage or spill the foods. You can configure the setting when you want to keep it inaccessible even if for a long time.
  • Counter-depth– these are fashioned to streamline modern kitchen improving its aesthetics and [providing a better alternative to the traditional designs.
  • Ice and water– you can expect immediate access to ice-cold water or ice cubes with this built-in dispense that is now available in the lot.
  • Smudge-proof– with limited maintenance the product maintains the fresh new look doing away with stubborn fingerprints from its surface. You no longer need to spend an entire day scrubbing the parts to get rid of the marks.
  • Easy bottle size adjustments– you can easily stuff bottles of varying sizes without worrying about the space accommodated inside the fridge.
  • Door alarm– extremely helpful to detect that the door has not been shut properly for around or more than two minutes. The smart technology is a common feature to look for in the refrigerators today to prevent collapse in its operation or damage of parts.

10 Best refrigerator in India in 2021 :


Haier 195L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door


1.Haier 195L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door

An N/A refrigerator with cool stylish and design, it has a built-in stabilizer that shields the freezer from voltage fluctuations. The high cooling capacity of this fridge is the cherry on top and can take ample care of the hoard of food and desserts that it can contain.

You have to manually defrost, unlike other designs that come under this price range. The model is equipped is Vitamin C Fresh block that keeps veggies fresh till 7 days and is simply perfect for bachelors or small households.

With a compact design and high performance, it is the best within the price range.

Other important features are-

  • The one-hour icing technology to lower down the temperature to -5 degrees within just an hour
  • Less power consumption with various energy saving modes
  • Light bulb for visibility and aesthetics
  • Eco-friendly with its R-600A refrigerant
  • 1-year warranty on the product with 5 years on the compressor

Overall rating: 3.8/5 based on 33 customer reviews.


2. LG190L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door

Available in a range of colours, the 190litre capacity comes furnished with a 12.2-litre vegetable basket delivers commendable performance to an average Indian family. It has allotted extra storage space.

The added shelf on the bottom provides the model with a distinctive look and can be preserved for storing vegetables. The model is available in two unique colours- Scarlet Plumeria and Blue Plumeria that lend an exquisite charm to the indoor space.

Other important features are-

  • Built-in stabilizer to protect it from power fluctuations
  • The ice stray has aluminium for a higher cooling process
  • Anti-bacterial portable gasket to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and fungi
  • Smart inverter compression for noiseless operation

Overall rating: 4.4/5 based on 122 customer reviews.


3. Whirlpool 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The perfect infusion of design and operational efficiency, the fridge has a built-in stabilizer and a bar handle attached to the top freezer for convenient handling. The high cooling capacity serves wonderfully for cooling desserts.

The toughened glass is exceptionally sturdy and makes the protect cable of withstanding heavy utensils. Furthermore, this model has the finest ice-making capacity especially when compared to its storage capacity,

Other important features are-

  • Direct cool defrosting is amazing of this model and comes with extra frosting
  • It has honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover to balance the optimum moisture for vegetables expanding their life span and freshness.
  • Auto connection with the home inverter facility is available with the promise of a consistent cooling process
  • Active ice zone that keeps the fruits and vegetables solid fresh
  • Reduced energy usage to 45%
  • Laminar Air Flow technology allows for fast ice making
  • Anti-bacterial easy removable gasket

Overall rating: 4.1/5 based on 2131 customer reviews.


4. Samsung 215 L 3 Star Direct Cool

The larger capacity is specifically suitable for a 4-5 member family and has a bottle guard for hoarding larger bottles into it. Samsung 212L has inverter technology that lowers down electricity consumption

Other important features are-

  • High power saving capacity
  • Direct cool defrosting capacity
  • Comes in the dimension of 1420 x 649 x 549 mm
  • The shelf has a durable and toughened glass
  • Digital Inverter technology for soundless operation. Another distinctive advantage of this feature is a requirement of significantly less electricity during startup.

Overall rating: 4.1/5 based on 337 customer reviews.


5. Whirlpool 200L 3 Star Direct Cool

The unique features of this model set it up on a higher pedestal than other companies like Haier or Samsung. For instance, the insulated capillary technology does an amazing job by maintaining the cooling until 12 hours.

You would never fall short of ice unlike with other products that can be bought within this range. This technology has made the product potential of faster ice making capacity with a cooling process two times faster.

With 12-hour cooling efficiency, you can easily store and slurp on cold beverages during power cuts. The masala bin and utility box can be converted to store products like creams, and medicines without making it look congested.

Its stabilizer free operation in exclusively a hallmark of Whirlpool refrigerators by which they can operate even in tremendous voltage fluctuation. The larger vegetable storage facility is also compatible with its amazing cooling retention capacity that would prevent them from going stale

Other important features are-

  • Advanced Laminar Air Flow to maintain uniform passage of air throughout
  • Better cooling retention during power cuts up to 12 hours and is one of the favourable features for best refrigerator in India in 2019
  • Dedicated medicine and utility box to free up space and avoid overcrowding

Overall rating: 3.9/5 based on 28 customer reviews.


6. Samsung 253 L 3 Star Frost Free Refrigerator

It is a high capacity product with an ability to cool faster than the other products lining up in this segment. The movable ice-shelf, glass shelves with the capacity to bear up to 150 kg, bottle holder, and easy slide shelf further complement its 253-litre capacity.

If you are considering about cooling retention, then the product is remarkable for maintaining the chill till 12 hours- mandatory for the storage of bulk food that it’s capacity permits.

However, one of the main let-downs is the lack of a locking system and temperature adjustments that are pretty typical of the latest inventions.

The product automatically speeds up the cooling process according to the demands. One of its highlights is the movable ice storage that supplies more ice cubes than ever and within a short span

Other important features are-

  • Direct Inverter Technology available
  • Better and more simplified ice storage facility
  • The shelves are made with toughened glass
  • Stabilizer free steady operation for power cuts and other emergency situations
  • Easy to access slide shelf is exclusively modern and helps to get rid of inconveniences while taking out or pushing inside dishes
  • Energy-saving door alarm to alarm you improperly keep the door from shutting for more than 2 minutes

Overall rating: 4.1/5 based on 543 customer reviews.


7. Godrej 236 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

The best refrigerator in India in 2021 in the range of 236 L is Godrej 236 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator. Frost-free with an energy rating of 2 years, this refrigerator suits a 4-5 member family sufficiently. Visually attractive with a sleek design, this product has everything you need.

The jumbo vegetable drawer is also amazing to store veggies in advance without the issue of stale or rotten items.

Other important features are-

  • Smart Connect Inverter to accentuate the cooling process without a lot of energy consumption
  • Reciprocator compressor system
  • Furnished with digital inverter technology
  • Deodorizing filter available
  • Cyclopentane insulation type to decrease the emission of greenhouse gas is quite an energy-saving option for the consumers.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty period on the compressor
  • Advanced operational feature with active humidity control and all year cooling
  • It comes with wheels so you do not need to drag it all around the floor. It can be moved and accommodated with causing any damage to the floors.

Overall rating: 3.9/5 based on 285 customer reviews.


8. Haier HRF 618 SS Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

It has a built-in capacity of 565l that makes it quite roomy for joint families. Design-wise, the product fares quite good with its side by side doors and toughened glass shelves that vouch for maximum durability and quite suitable for rough usage.

The machine looks sleek and modern and can fit inside modular kitchens. It can work on AC 220 240 V power and has unique configurations like door alarms, door bins, egg tray, removable gaskets to keep the region free of bacterial and fungal growth.

The designs are careful construed keeping in consideration its utility inside a large household and preferences. Additionally, with this product, you can avail four crispers, cans, and bottle racks which are quite useful. European A+ rating consumes around 1 unit per day.

Other important features are-

  • Reciprocator compressor to supply with eccentric utilities like turning the temperatures Super Cool, Super Freeze, and Express Freezing
  • European A+ rating for lesser unit consumption and a massive reduction in power cost
  • Holiday function, LED and Child Lock system is available with the product
  • Installed with Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • The compressor comes with a warranty period of 11 years
  • Multi-freezer door

Overall rating: 4.1/5 based on 167 customer reviews.


9. LG 687 L Inverter Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

The best refrigerator in India in 2021 in 687 l range is LG 687 L Inverter Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator. LG provides the option to fix the internal temperatures manually and that has been one of the strong points of this product. It has digital sensors to persistently maintain the temperature to keep the food fresh.

It is one of the most efficient refrigerators today with inner linear compressor superior to conventional technology. It has got a dual sensor for easy management of temperature

Other important features are-

  • Inner linear compressor advantageous for soundless operation consuming less energy
  • Flat shaped with zero protrusion of the handles.
  • Multi air cooling facility to keep the food from getting stale
  • A separate dairy corner provided for easy storing and prevent contamination of dairy products with other stored items

Overall rating: 4.3/5 based on 115 customer reviews.


10.LG 668 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The best refrigerator in India in 2021 in 668 L range is LG 668 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator. Quite stylish in the range if French door style refrigerators, this one has a dual cycle cooling system and automatic ice making process with high moisture retention capacity.

Better tenderness of the food is a huge advantage of this product to compete with the 687l capacity. It has a separate compartment to store ice cubes powered by Japanese AG + Filter Block Technology.

The UV light helps to keeps the insides free of pesticides and fungi and great options for storing veggies and fruits. You can expect for flawless control of the temperature with LED control panels stimulated by smooth touch technology.

Other important features are-

  • The fridge works without stabilizer
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor
  • With DC inverter compressor, consumption of electricity is much lower
  • Frost-free technology to eliminate frost accumulation

Overall rating: 4/5 based on 20 customer reviews.


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